Bird’s ID – Amazilia Hummingbird

Amazilia Hummingbird

The Amazilia Hummingbird (Amazilia amazilia) is a species of hummingbird, a family of small near passerine birds. The Loja hummingbird (A. alticola), with less rufous to the underparts, is sometimes considered a subspecies of the amazilia hummingbird.

The amazilia hummingbird occurs in western Peru and south-western Ecuador. It is generally common, and can regularly be seen even in major cities such as Lima and Guayaquil. It prefers dry, open or semi-open habitats, but also occurs in forest. In its range it is easily recognized by the combination of a black-tipped red bill and mainly rufous underparts. It is a territorial species.

Its diet consists of small insects and nectar of flowering Erythrina, Psittacanthus, and other flower corollas of medium length. It can spend roughly 80% of its time resting, using the rest of its time to forage, hunt, and defend its territory (often against Coereba flaveola). It breeds year round with cup like nests only ~3cm above the ground.

There is currently academic discussion on if Amazilia alticola should be labeled as a separate species or a subspecies of Amazilia amazilia..

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