What’s Up? – The Heat of Summer and Travel Plans

The Heat of Summer and Travel Plans

Now that we are in the summer season, every day is hot, over 90ºF at the peak of the day.

At least we can feel some relief during short summer rains. It’s good for the plants and flowers too.

We have a daily concurrence of birds for the feeders. They eat everything, including the seeds that spill on the deck or ground.  I guess they get an increased appetite when is hot.

I keep trying to do my best to keep them in good health. My DIY suet cake project was a total success. I’m at half of the second batch, I made some adjustments to it and the birds are happy with the suet.

I’ve already bought my plane tickets to Peru for February, next year!  I’ve begun making phone calls to people I know in Peru and set up plans for my stay as well as visits to some interesting places. It should be very entertaining and exciting! I can’t wait to be there again!

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

7 thoughts on “What’s Up? – The Heat of Summer and Travel Plans

  1. Really enjoyed your summer visitors, HJ, especially the thrasher. And oh-so-super that you are going back to Peru, I’m very excited for you. I’m sure there’s a skip in your step with this future trip on the horizon. yay.

    • Thank you, my friend. Yes, I’m going there again, I have good acquaintances there, I always have a ball and get to visit many places. New and old. I hope to bring some more photos for my blog. I will see what happens… 🙂

  2. Beautiful birds and photos. I figured the birds would really enjoy your homemade suet cakes. I hope you get great photos in Peru and share them. Hugs

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