What’s Up? – I’ll sit this one out

I’ll sit this one out

The rain had stopped by the end of last week after almost a week of downpours. Sunny, bright and warmer days are now giving an impression of next summer.

I had planned to take advantage of dry and warm weather inspiration, so I decided to prune the trees we have in front and side of the house.

I took my ladder and a pruning saw to finish the job early before gets too hot. Lucy and Tyler were helping me by pulling the cut tree branches and dragging them to the backyard. The backyard’s terrain has a part where there is a slant not steeped, easy to walk down to the creek behind the trees, where I pile the branches and get dried and later reintegrate to the ground.

I finished my trimming and went to the back and help with the last bunch of trimmings.

Lucy and Tyler left me there to end the work. I was gripping the last two pieces dragging on the slanted path when I stepped on a patch of mud and slipped falling on my butt left side, my right leg got stuck and also twisted in a weird way. I was holding a branch in the left hand and when I fell I violently sat over my hand squeezing my thumb hard against the branch. I got up and felt like somebody had run me over with a truck. My whole body was aching.

My left thumb started to hurt and got swollen quickly, I wasn’t broken, I could bend it and wiggle it, But it was hurting, my right knee was hurting, but I was able to bend it and flex it. It was the side of the knee outside ligament stretched hard but not torn.

That night I was waking up every half hour because some part of my body was hurting!

By the third night, I was feeling much better, the thumb wasn’t swollen but hurt to the touch and showed a bruise. My knee works well and shows not a single mark, that’s good.

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