What’s Up? – Rain and Suet Cakes

Rain and Suet Cakes

After so many days without rain, we finally had the rain that so much for…and more! We’ve had rain for four days in a row and if you see the  weather  forecast is calling for some more rainy days ahead. The temperature is always over 80º F , during the day.

Suet cakes

I’ve  been trying a new brand of mix seeds for birds  from Sam’s Club. They gave me 50 lbs. for trial. The birds eat them but are picking only what they like and attracts too many blackbirds. These, are destroying  the peace and tranquility of my backyard, and making a mess everyday!  Once I finish the new mix I’m testing, I’ll return to feeding my birds with the previous mix.

I’ve made a change on the feeding department. Instead of buying the suet from the store, I’ve opted for making my own. It works pretty well.  It takes me only about 20 minutes to make 10 suet cakes (See photo).

There are more birds visiting my backyard this year, compared to last year’s. However, there’s less variety of species.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Rain and Suet Cakes

  1. Your mix of backyard visitors looks like mine with the exception of the brown thrasher…I’ve yet to notice one. I’ve only made suet once and that was in winter. Is your recipe a no-melt suet? Would you mind sharing your recipe? Looks great!

  2. It’s always good to try new things but they aren’t always an improvement! It is a pity the variety of birds in your yard is less at the moment but the gallery of shots of the ones you do have is wonderful!

    • The change has worked perfectly, Clare. Now, the new suet I make doesn’t have any corn as ingredient, which starlings go crazy for, so it’s less of these voracious birds and more of my regular local birds. Thanks my dear Clare. 🙂

  3. Amazing captures as always. I have been trying different seed mixes and have yet to find the one that works the best. Right now there are issues with mocking birds raking the food from the feeder. I never see them eating just raking the food out and they can empty a feeder in short order. Any suggestions for me? Hugs

    • They love seed mixes because the look for the peanuts, all other stuff they don’t care. Mockingbirds love wild berries and grubs and they eat only that if they are available. Peanuts, they love fondly as much as blue Jays do. perhaps you can put some peanuts (no shell) separately. Thank you ,Mags. 🙂

      • Thank you, I will do that. Now I know why they are digging the seed out. The mix I am using has peanut pieces in it…they are looking for those peanuts. 🙂

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