What’s Up? – Heat and Tempers

Heat and Tempers…

It’s been over a week without rain and the closest forecast for rain is next Saturday. The temperature of this weather has been considerably hotter than previous years. It’s in the mid 90ºs every day!

I’ve been watering the plants with a hose but only slightly, what we need is a good rain and get enough water for all vegetation, before it gets dry.

My birds have been consistent to visiting the feeders, I always make sure that they have a source of water to take a bath and to drink. They do enjoy the baths. Just yesterday, while we were having lunch I saw some starlings making such a splashy bath that the water end up on the ground, we were laughing, these guys love to stir things up in everything they do.

That morning I witnessed and could capture one frame only of a tremendous fight between brothers, young starlings with real  hot tempers, the fight was very serious, and they wouldn’t stop. The parents were there on site but none impeded the fight. It really was a furious fight. Perhaps the heat has something to do with this.

By the way, the orphan brothers (Mockingbirds) are growing and feed on their own too, the are starting to defend themselves and I’m sure they’ll  be in charge soon. It’s their nature!

Photo Gallery

Eating Lunch With…

Downy Woodpecker (F)

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker (F)

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

13 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Heat and Tempers

  1. I especially love the pair of cardinals and the starlings. Birds have far more personality than most people think (based on the weird comments I get about my parrots).

    • Yesterday we had only a quick rain that lasted only minutes! At least it was a relief. Thanks, Tom. 🙂

  2. I so enjoy seeing all the photos of the birds at your place. Thank you for sharing these beauties. Wish I could share some rain with you. We have had way too much and have flooding here. Hugs

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