What’s Up? – A Story to Remember

A Story to Remember

I have the most compelling story to tell you. 

On May 16th: I was late afternoon, I was  in my kitchen talking with my wife Lucy and I happened to look outside  to the backyard and I saw something on the grass. It looked strange, so I decided to investigate…I found a dead young Northern Mockingbird, I checked it, he was cold already, intact, no wounds or any kind of trauma that would indicate violence or attack of any kind.  First thing I thought, where are the parents? I looked around, none of the parents was around…Very strange.

On May 17th:  At early morning, after I cleaned the area and utensils, I proceeded to refill all feeders and officially open the daily meals for the birds. That’s when I get my camera ready, it’s the moment when all birds find their way to the feeders, for me, is also a good time to get excellent lighting on my photos. 

Suddenly I see a mockingbird perched in a branch, it was a young one, similar the bird I picked up from the ground the day before. I said to myself. What? 

Photo Gallery

(Please press the first frame on left upper side)

Eating Lunch With…

White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch

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26 thoughts on “What’s Up? – A Story to Remember

    • I’ve seen many things happened in my backyard, this one made me jump from sadness to happiness! Thank you, Linda. 🙂

  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been watching my Downy Woodpeckers for a few months, and their young one (or two? maybe three?) is coming to the feeder now. I could tell the young because they still have bits of down on their heads! LOVE your blog!!

    • That’s great! I have a couple of them nesting in my backyard this year, I hope they get their brood soon. Thank you for sharing, Leslie. 🙂

  2. This is quite an interesting story and I feel happy that the thrasher took it upon itself to come to the rescue. I am wondering if it will adopt the young. Regardless, I hope it all works out for the sibling Mockingbirds. We had a Mockingbird come here, way up north, probably thrown off-course by a storm.People came to this woman’s yard from miles around. She demonstrated feeding it meal worms and this lost fellow did survive and eventually made it’s way south again.

    • Update for you: I’ve seen other mockingbirds take over the “territory” but they are not with the orphans, today I saw the Thrasher getting suet-mix to the mockingbirds up on a tree. So they are together yet.
      I’m in Georgia, what State are you in the North? Thank you for sharing, Jane. 🙂

  3. Oh, wow what a great capture. It is totally amazing how the birds care for each other….great example to us humans. This post made my day. Hugs

    • I was happy that I was able to illustrate what happened with my photos. It was a great experience for me too. Thank you D. 🙂

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