Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinals use leaves and small twigs to construct their nests. They shape the nest in the form of a bowl. After the female cardinal lays  her eggs (3 usually), she incubate them for about 10 to 14 days, then hatch the chicks and stay in the nest for approximately 8 to 14 days, when the chicks will fledge the nest. The parents will teach the fledglings how to fetch their meals and assist them for some time until they learn to do it on their own.

Photo Gallery

Northern Cardinal

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

10 thoughts on “Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

  1. Such beautiful photos. I have a few from this year that I have to put onto my computer. Not many cardinals near me, but I did get a picture the other day of the male and female together.

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