What’s Up? – Melange of Things…

Melange of Things…

The Sunday before yesterday, we had another weather alert for a big storm approaching from the West, (it was kind of odd weather alert because at that time, our weather was sunny, bright and  almost 80º F)  The warning also included that the storm most likely bring possible tornados to our region in Georgia.

When the storm reached our area was in a way more electric and windy but not so much ,rain. The thunder and the flashing of  lightening were amazing! Never ending it seemed.

The wind picked up speed and  came in strong gusts. One of those gusts of wind made  the house shake and we heard noise outside, a patio wrought iron chair had been blown and landed in the lawn. Luckily did not crash against the house.  The storm passed over us after a while, but there was no tornado. After a couple of hours, the tornado alert was cleared. 

The following day, the temperature dropped considerately in the morning was 40ºF increasing later to sunny and high 70º’s.


The opossum keeps on being  a nuisance, It’s raiding the suet mix I set for my birds every night.

I went to the store and bought  a metal case for the suet with a chain, attached to another iron contraption to allow only the birds to eat the suet. I hooked it to an iron stand.

The next day, I got a surprise!  The whole contraption  was gone! Can you believe that? I  looked all over  my backyard and couldn’t find it!

Added to that, I also have three squirrels that are eating at least half of all seeds!

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Eating Lunch With…

Eastern Towhee  (M)

Eastern Towhee (M)

Eastern Towhee (M)

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18 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Melange of Things…

  1. I have often wondered what it must be like living in tornado areas HJ, how scary it must be at times when each storm warning comes, especially for the little ones. So glad it passed OK but wow, to throw an iron chair around it must be some power in it. I can imagine the squirrels are little rascals taking advantage where ever they can.

    • Actually, you don’t have to think about it! You just have to be cautious. For example, someone runs out escaping a vicious fire in his house to just get ran over by a truck on the street! If you think too much of anything, you mess up your own mind and will end up in panic. A person in panic does not function at 100%, gets diminished to half.
      Thank you for sharing, Ashley. 🙂

  2. So glad that you safely escaped damage from the storms. As for the Iron Maiden for suet? Wow- no telling who else wants that. It is probably in a raccoon den by now, providing snacks for the family!

  3. We had those storms and tornado alerts too, HJ, poor Bella & Beau swayed on their nest platform pole from the winds, I am glad we all made it through safely! Beautiful series of captures. I chuckled out loud when you said your metal contraption was totally missing. No way!! You’ve got some smart wildlife, HJ! 😉

    • I’m glad that you are OK too,Donna.
      Do you want to hear something? When I went to buy the stuff for the contraption, the store cashier asked me what I was trying to do with these things. I explained to her and she asked me if it was the first time, I was curious and asked why? She told me that she has the same problem with the opossums and has lost 7 pieces already. She wished me luck and said “come back to tell me if it worked.” How do you like them apples? 🙂

  4. I am glad that you escaped the worst of the storm. I saw some pictures of tornado damage in the news recently. How strange to find that your new contraption had disappeared.

    • The night visitor (Opossum) is pretty smart and they have all the natural tools to pull something like it did. They figured out the way to take the suet, and took the whole thing to work on it at home! 🙂

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