Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

Male sings to defend nesting territory, actively attacking intruding males (and attacking his own reflection in windows and mirrors). In courtship, male and female raise heads high, sway back and forth while singing softly; male often feeds female early in breeding season. Female sings mainly in spring before start of nesting. Nest: Usually well hidden in dense shrubs, vines, or low trees, placed 3-10′ above ground, sometimes higher. Nest (built by female) is open cup made of twigs, weeds, grass, bark strips, leaves, rootlets, lined with fine grass or hair.

Photo Gallery

Š HJ Ruiz – Avian101

6 thoughts on “Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

  1. Here’s a bird I have never seen in courtship, so I enjoyed hearing about it, HJ. One can never get enough of the northern cardinal. Terrific photos here, my friend. The last one put a smile on my face. Both birds, animate and not, facing in the same direction. Cheers to the red, red and red. 😉

    • Thank you very much my friend. Our weather is beginning to warm up and the cardinals are all over the backyard!
      Enjoy your weekend… 🙂

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