Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

In the winter, cardinals will seek shelter in evergreen trees and shrubs.  Planting evergreens is a good way to make your yard cardinal friendly.Cardinals prefer thickly covered nest sites and will not nest in bird houses.  Planting viney shrubbery like junipers, honeysuckle, grapevines, and dogwoods can provide a place where cardinals will build nests.  Because cardinals are ground feeders, they are especially vulnerable to predation by house cats. Make sure to keep your cats inside if you want the birds to feel comfortable in your yard.

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I will be on vacation with my family, starting tomorrow Sunday February 17th, I will not blog any posts until my return on Sunday February 24th.  Thank you! H.J.

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11 thoughts on “Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

    • Definitely! It does attract birds that are looking for nests. In my case, I have the pines and the bushes. My cardinals have been nesting for near 12 years when I had my house built. Thanks John. 🙂

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