What’s Up? – Weather’s getting better…

Weather’s getting better…

We’ve started the week with mild weather temperatures, which it’s surprising, since, last week’s coldest temperatures. I’m all for this change! 

I’ve also noticed the consumption of seeds by my birds has increased considerably  as well as the suet-seed mix. I really don’t care if they eat more, to me , it indicates that more birds revisiting my feeders, as long as birds find food, they are happy and also make me happy. I get more opportunities for shooting pictures.

Last Monday we were invited to one to a neighbor’s home for a birthday party of their 6 years old twin boys. It was the first time that I went to their home. We had fun, as did the children at their party. I found out that the twins have bought each a bird house, because they see our birds and they want to have them in their yard too. They have been birds coming to my backyard and they are hoping to have some in their backyard too. Seems like I’ve been an inspiration for them. This made me smile.

Note: Reminder to follower readers, starting February 16th (Sunday) I’ll be taking a week vacation with my family to Florida. During that time I will not blog any posts! Then, I will be back on February,  24th (Sunday) day that I will resume my blogging. Thank you! – H.J.

Photo Gallery

Eating Lunch With…

Chipping Sparrows

Chipping Sparrows

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

17 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Weather’s getting better…

  1. I share your thrill in re-filling the feeders frequently at this time of year, HJ, it’s a win-win. And how very gratifying to have influenced and inspired your neighbors to increase the bird activity in their yard. Enjoyed the photos, as always, especially the pine warbler. Off to Florida to photograph their incredible birds, and frolic with the family. Have fun!

    • I have no problems with some my neighbors, since they are fighting to take care of my birds while we are away. Some take care of the birds outside and others take care of the cats indoors. See? That’s the way it works!
      I hope to find some more birds since I’ll be visiting some new places. Thank you so much my friend… 🙂

    • I always make my point with my friends about birds and the importance of humans relationship with Nature in general. Animals or pets, trigger a development of compassion and value for life on children, which are important factors for their future as grown ups. Thank you Ashley. 🙂

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