Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is found throughout the eastern and central regions of America year round, due to the fact that they do not migrate. They tend to inhabit woodland edges and grassland landscapes with thickets and shrubbery they can hide and nest in. They are often found in close proximity to human habitation due in large part to the food that is provided to them in backyard bird feeders.

Photo Gallery

ยฉ HJ Ruiz – Avian101

8 thoughts on “Red Gallery – Northern Cardinal

  1. I so envy you for your ability to take photos of cardinals whenever you please, H.J. On the weekend, I caught one brief glimpse of a male in southeastern Colorado, but he did not sit out in the open long enough for me to capture him with my camera. I really need to visit a place where they are abundant. Your photos as beautiful, as always.

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