Book Review # 52 – Gulls Simplified

Gulls Simplified – A comparative Approach to Identification


Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson


Princeton University Press



“ I don’t know about you my friendly readers,  but when you need to identify any seagull, it is not so simple. It really takes time and patience and a good guide to get the right key descriptions and reach a conclusion of what the seagull’s  name is.

This field guide , written and illustrated by authors Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson  will

definitely help you dissipate  your problems to ID any American seagull.

With 208 pages and 330 color illustrations the guide offers you simple comparisons between different species and pertinent information about them. Every descriptions are key factors to lead you toward a complete identification of the researched species of gulls.

The detailed  information of key points opens up a path to understand the way to approach when you initiate a research.

The guide has been created to really be a great tool for birders, photographers or bird enthusiasts. It is well planed by experienced professionals with the mission to share their knowledge with others.”


Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – – November 9th, 2018

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

8 thoughts on “Book Review # 52 – Gulls Simplified

      • Well, I didn’t get this book for Christmas, HJ, but I have it now! I presently have got all these gulls around the creek, and I’m hearing there are a few rare visiting gulls locally. So far no rare sightings but this book is wonderful. And I’m ready to ID my gull photos much better now! Thank you again, HJ, for this book review. 😊

  1. Brilliant idea for a book. Gulls ought to be simple, yet in practice the possible variations are so complex. As so often, thanks for the heads-up for a really useful book – and I agree with Donna, it’s come at the perfect time of year…

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