More birds from Florida…

More birds from Florida…

Even when I was  enjoying the soothing wonders of the beach, I couldn’t help myself to bring my cameras… Just in case!

In every location I went, I found birds of one species or another. The local birds are abundant despite the absence of the migratory birds.

Photo Gallery






Added Note: 

News about  Hurricane Michael in Georgia…

After the hurricane touched land in the State of Florida North-West with great destructive speed, also created powerful sea surges with devastating force. Then continued its way due North-East toward Georgia, where we are.  Hurricanes usually lose wind speed when traveling over land, yet strong enough to cause tremendous damage to trees and buildings.

On Wednesday we had a gray and dark day, then in the evening rain started and the intensity increased by the hour, I went to bed after midnight and the rain sound was loud like rain in the Amazon Rainforest! The wind wasn’t any threat in my area. We have friends that live more to the South-East of us. They had many trees damaged and they also had a flood problem with their large pond.

Bottom line is, we are doing well, my home is safe and without any damage. We thank G-d for that!

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

27 thoughts on “More birds from Florida…

    • Thank you David…birds have been through hell and back for eons. We are the ones starting to learn how to survive. 🙂

  1. Absolutely scrumptious photographs and so glad you are safe and sound! I can relate to that pounding rain in the Amazon Rainforest. Thanks indeed you were spared the wind!! 🙂

  2. Good to hear you came through unscathed. Having gone through a few hurricanes myself, I’d prefer that no one ever have to experience another, but I suppose it would be more realistic to learn how better to cope with them. One things for sure — your birds look like they’re relieved to have escaped, too! Those are some nice photos.

    • Hurricanes are very powerful forces that everyone should take very seriously. My birds must know how to protect themselves and take shelter in safe places. Thank you very much Linda for sharing. 🙂

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