What’s Up? – Our Vacation…

Our Vacation…

My family and I went on vacation to Florida. We visited several places, among them:  Clearwater Beach, Bradenton Beach and Sarasota,  plus some other places that were not on the beach.

My son Tyler loves the beach, so does my wife Lucy. I had promised them we would go to the beach during the week of School recess in Georgia.

Putting it a few words, we enjoyed  every minute of our vacation. We were out of our hotels daily after an early breakfast in the morning and stayed out for many hours doing all kinds of things whether at the beach or inland. There are so many interesting places to visit and enjoy.

When it comes to birds… it was kind of early on the Season for any migrations yet. Even places I visited, well known for having good numbers of birds were mostly empty with very few birds on sight. 

I decided to find shore birds instead and I had better luck in that respect.

Photo Gallery

Here are a couple of pictures, Tyler posing for me. He loves to investigate everything and ask questions.




© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

12 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Our Vacation…

  1. For some reason it surprised me to see the woodpecker on the palm tree, but I’m glad you chose to post that photo. I had thought I’d seen a woodpecker on a palm outside my place, but thought, “Surely not.” Now I know that I did, and I’ll watch for them more closely. Glad you had a good time — it’s a great collection of photos. I remember so many vacations with my parents, and I’ll bet Tyler will remember this one with affection!

    • In Florida West Side is common to see woodpeckers on palm trees… I’m sure that Tyler had a great time, that’s all he talks about! Thank you very much Linda. 🙂

    • It was our holiday, we all had lots of fun, we had great diners, we visited many places with a relaxed spirit and we did enjoy everyone of them! Thank you Susan! 🙂

    • Thank you Donna. We usually have fun when vacationing, we explore every venue and make it worth a special day, every day! I like boats so does he. 🙂

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