Photo Gallery

This post is more of a photo gallery of birds that I photographed during my last trip to Peru.

I believe that I’ve written about my stay in Peru, being busy with other important things and despite being in different places, I didn’t have the opportunity to use my camera, some others I had to follow protocol as a guest, no pictures.

On my free time I went to several places in the coastal areas where I found many seabirds. The whole country was under weather distress caused by El Nino phenomena. At the time the temperature was high in most areas of the coast besides they were deep in a drought. In the highlands of the Andes it was the total opposite, being under torrential downpours, causing tremendous damage to cattle farms, agricultural lands, mining, etc. These also includes, devastating highways, destroying bridges, dams, not only by flooding but mudslides. And of course the loss of human lives.

The bird population and migration had somehow changed, especially for many seabirds and this really called my attention.

Today’s gallery is a partial one, I will be posting more photos latter on the week.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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