Rain, Shopping and More Rain

Yesterday we had heavy rain all day, the sky was gray and dark. Not very encouraging first day of the year if you ask me. Despite the rain I went out shopping with Lucy and Tyler. I needed some summer clothing for my trip to South America.

We went to a large store for outdoor and sports apparels not very far from our home. Once there, Lucy was picking some stuff for me and while she was doing that, Tyler took walked away from her and she didn’t notice, when she didn’t see him she got scared and was starting to panic, we went around all over the large store and could not find him, right away I went to the front desk and who do you think I see there, with a smile next to couple of store employees on the side? You guessed it! Tyler saw me and ran to meet me but not a bit scared!

Changing the subject, on the eve of New Year we waited for 12 o’clock midnight and celebrated with some sparkling apple cider to toast and apple cake that Lucy baked. Then after a short while we went to sleep.

Click on images to see enlargements


Two female Mallards


Three Pekin Ducks


Cool swimmers

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

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