I Hate to be Redundant but…

There no way that I could pass on posting more about the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. These marvelous little creatures are all over my backyard, I’ve estimated that we have about 5 individuals, they’re playing chase all day and coming to their feeder to drink their nectar juice.

They are getting more familiarized to the area because they perch on branches near by and sit for a little bit longer, which allows me to get more and better shots of them.

Sometime when I go out to refill the other feeders, one of the hummingbirds comes very close to me and hovers for a second. One day I was looking out the kitchen glass door and suddenly I was looking at one staring at me at only inches from my face at the other side of the glass. They are lovely birds. I have figured that the male size is 2.5 inches and the female is 3 inches.

Text and photographs © HJ. Ruiz – Avian 101

10 thoughts on “I Hate to be Redundant but…

  1. I was looking for dragonflies this morning and saw a hummingbird! I think it was all blue though, so not one of your Ruby throated ones. Very dainty and speedy though.

    • I haven’t photographed any other species of hummingbirds except the RubyTH, however I saw one that approached me with a tail like a fan purplish color. I haven’t seen it again! 🙂

  2. Great shots HJ! You just have to try this. A few years ago I had numerous hummingbirds visiting my feeder. After filling it yet again, I took it back outside and immediately had two of them buzzing around me. I held out the feeder (just like yours) with stretched arm and stood perfectly still. Took a minute or so (maybe longer!), but darn if one didn’t land on the feeder and feed! Then looked at me and took off! I’ll never forget it!! 🙂

    • Don’t feel bad Donna, your patience will reward you greatly. I’m a happier person just looking at those little creatures!

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