Parenthood Equals Resposibility

This post stresses on the responsibilities of the parents toward their little ones.

Although this post is based on bird behavior, this also gives me an opportunity to make an analogy to human behavior.

Perhaps this might help as a reminder for so many irresponsible parents that couldn’t care less for the welfare of their children. Statistics show a staggering number of single parents or children with no parents to care for them! 

I’m not a puritan but I dislike the continuous pushing of sexual behavior by TV and Hollywood. They can not make a movie of even 30 minutes length without including some sex scene or love making. Showing the American women as hungry for men and going to bed with anyone they meet. Of course that is not true but the innuendo says otherwise.

Media has a tendency to glamorize free sex, scandal, drinking, drugs and bad behavior. Our social values are in decline as well as our education proficiency.

Civic groups are taking control of all aspects of our social-economic lives.

Perhaps we should pay a little bit more attention to our birds and their behavior, we could learn a lot about responsibility!

Click on images to see enlargements

Northern Cardinal (M) feeding fledgeling. # 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

8 thoughts on “Parenthood Equals Resposibility

  1. Did you see the one about the bluebirds. One bluebird got hit by a car and its mate came to its rescue, trying to feed it, nudging it to try to help it get up. No luck. It was so sad, and yet people continue to mistreat animals of all kinds.

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