Drought is not Good

I worry a little bit because the drought is setting strong in our area too and this will be very bad for all the plants, lawns, gardens and birds.

It takes a lot of work and money to maintain the landscaping in good shape, now the drought ruins it all for us. To water the lawn is extremely costly and I’m sure restrictions will be in order soon. I just hope that we get some rain soon and keep coming periodically until next autumn.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to rely on the morning dew to refresh our plants. I can see dry patches in my lawn already, it’s a pity.

I have a few pictures of birds for you today.

Click on images to see enlargements

Northern Cardinal (F)

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Cardinal (M)

Eastern Towhee (M)

Ruby -throated Hummingbird (F)

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

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