N. Mockingbird eating grapes

It occurred to me that since we had a lot of grapes, it might be a good idea to leave them by the bird feeders. For a few days there were no takers, until the N. Mockingbird showed up. They really love grapes!

I shot one picture this morning while a Mockingbird was eating. I’m very glad that helped them get some nourishment. For a while he would not allow any other bird get close to the grapes.


2 thoughts on “Grapes

  1. Thanks for this information. It will be fun to see if our Mockingbirds like grapes too!

    I enjoyed reading several posts today and seeing the photos you have included. Lots of information that I will definitely check out again!

    • Hi Karen,
      It’s not how I feed birds all the time! 🙂 That time I gave it a try to know which birds would like grapes and later I saw the Mockingbird eating them and in total control of the grapes, guarding them like a treasure! Mockingbirds are very territorial and zealous. Thank you for you comment.

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