Gallery of Birds # 39 – Birds and Tribulations

Can’t help it but I have to give my 2 cents about what’s going on in USA and the rest of the world, I read and hear the news and I get more and more frustrated with people’s behavior.

  • We have in one side a tremendous problem in the Gulf with the oil spill and I see the government very relaxed about it, I hear the president saying it’s BP problem and they’ll pay for it. Your missing the point, a tremendous damage is being done to our environment, never mind who is responsible now. We all have to do something to contain that oil and every resource should be available to help do it. I hear “ what’s the president is going to do, go there and put on a diving suit and fix it” He is the President and he can command a horde of Engineers and get a solution immediately and not worrying about how funny he’ll be at the Press Dinner.
  • There’s a situation that occurred in the middle of Manhattan, by grace of G-d a car bomb did not explode. It would have been disastrous and tragic. You well know how busy are the streets of the Big Apple. It would have been terrible. It was not thwarted as the Government claimed, the bomb failed! Now the news and WH are in a political mode and terrorism is not being called by its name. Why are they so afraid to say the truth. A few months ago a terrorist in official American uniform killed 12 people in cold blood and we are still waiting for a trial, meanwhile he’s not even called a terrorist, Slipped under the rug by the WH. ( While the killer gets fat and healthier than thousands of jobless and homeless people.) It’s a shame!
  • What’s happening to so many people that has lost morality and love for their Country? Are we being influenced? By what? Is it Hollywood? TV? Cable? Radio? News? Religion? Are we mistaking freedom for libertinage?
  • Why is so difficult for people to understand the meaning of Law. We are a Country ruled by Law and we abide it accordingly. But it should apply to all, not only to the simple man. Rich and famous traditionally gets away with murder.
  • The Immigration problem has gotten out of hand. By the way The Laws of Immigration has always been there in effect since many years. What has changed is how the Governor took a gambit, enforce it the hard way, trampling the American way of freedom. She wanted to force the WH federal Government to address the influx of crime caused by drug traffickers getting across the border and bringing along their criminal disputes. Well, The Governor played her hand and lost. Now is total chaos. Time to pedal back!  The Immigration Law should remain intact but without the Police getting involved. The Federal Government should take over and protect the border from invasions in a more efficient way. And for future record the WH should solve the problems before the States take matters in their own hands because desperation.

I sincerely apologize if I offend anyone with my “venting” But if I keep it to myself I feel that I’m helping at all in what we are going through in our Country.

I invite your comments and I promise to answer all of them graciously.

Thank you!

Blue Grosbeak

Northern Cardinal

Mourning Dove

Purple Finch

American Goldfinch (Female)

Brown-Headed Cowbird (Male) Under the rain

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